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Do you have responsibilities?, like a family or a job to get to the next day, or maybe you’d like to begin working on your case from outside jail to build a strong defense; If so, our Connecticut Bail Bond can offer you the best possible way to your freedom.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Get Your Loved One Out!

Our bail agents ct understand that you are usually experiencing a difficult legal matter if you’re visiting this website. If you or someone you love is in need of connecticut bail bond services, you can gain benefit from the resources and bail bond information we provide here on our website. We are CT Bail Bonds, Local Bondsman are here to help you 24/7 during this difficult situation by fulfilling your bail bond needs as quickly as possible.

While we know this is probably a very stressful time, a knowledgeable bail bonds ct company like Liza Davis Bail Bonds can help you to get out of jail and get on with your life.

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Experienced Connecticut Bail Bondsmen.

Our Connecticut Bail Bondsmen understand that you are usually experiencing a difficult legal matter if you’re visiting this website. If you or someone you love is in need of bail bond services, you can gain benefit from the resources and bail bond information we provide here on our website. We are Connecticut Bail Bondsmen, here to help you 24/7 during this difficult situation by fulfilling your bail bond needs as quickly as possible.

Here at Liza Davis Bail Bonds our company is committed to providing the finest level of professional bail bond services in Connecticut. Our bail bond agents provide high-quality services in a small-company environment and take pride in being Connecticut’s Bail Bondsmen. Whenever you call our bail bond agency, our bail agents will respond quickly and continue to be with you during the entire bail process because we understand that being bailed out of jail is only the beginning.

Uniquely, our bail bond agents take a personal interest in the outcome of our client’s cases therefore we offer attorney referrals if needed and will provide transportation assistance when necessary. While you navigate through this stressful and uncertain time dealing with the Connecticut judicial system, our bondsman will help you with all of your bail bond needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Above all, as Connecticut’s  Bail Bondsmen we have an elaborate understanding of the judicial bond system here in Connecticut, our bail bond agency will review each bail circumstance individually and provide an appropriate solution for each client. It is equally as important to us that you have a full understanding of the bail bond process before you post the bond.

Our family owned and operated Connecticut Bail Bond agency services all Connecticut Counties Statewide. Therefore at Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we offer affordable down payments to get your loved one out of jail. Don’t spend the night in jail call us if you suddenly need help posting bail 860.818.7078. Our hartford bail bondsmen are available to offer 24/7 Bail Bonds service. We will immediately dispatch one of our bail bondsman to meet you at the Hartford Police Department, Hartford Correctional Facility or at one of the other correctional facility, jail, police department or the courthouse.

Connecticut's Bail Bonds: Payment Plans.

However, If you aren’t able to pay the bail amount all up front, don’t worry we offer Easy payment plans to fit your budget and accept all credit cards for your convenience. While we certainly know unexpected things may happen, a member of our bail bond agency will consult with you to provide an affordable payment plan that works best for you.

As a result, we make it possible to bring your loved one home as quickly as possible. Because we know you may have a lot of bail bond questions that need to be answered, for that reason we provide Free bail bond information and warrant checks 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Again, If you’d like to learn more about our bail bond services in Connecticut contact one of our Connecticut bail staff at (860) 347.BAIL (2245) or text (860) 818.7078.

Please browse our website for further bail bond information.

Liza’s team of professional bail bond agents have been reuniting families with their loved ones for over 15 years.

This can be a difficult and stressful time when someone gets arrested, we work as quickly as possible to get you or your loved one out of jail.

Here, our commitment to providing  Bail Bond Hartford CT, Bail Bonds East Hartford CT and Bail Bonds West Hartford CT service and also in all CT cities is a priority; always fast, friendly reliable, affordable, courteous and confidential bail bonds service. Finally, if you want to hire a Connecticut Bail Bondsman who is passionate about bail and truly cares, even more the reason you should call Liza Davis Bail Bonds today.

Liza Davis Bail Bonds offers the lowest bail bond prices in the entire state of Connecticut.

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Post Bail CT: How To Bail Somebody Out Of Jail on a Surety Bond?

Follow these steps below to be released from jail on a Bail Bond. It’s a simple process:

Number 01

Determining Amount of Bail

Have you or someone you know been arrested in Connecticut and booked into jail?, to begin with, first call Liza Davis Bail Bonds at 860.818.7078. Once we’re called one of our Connecticut Bail Bond Agents will determine where you or your loved one is being detained.
If an arrest was made on-sight by the local Police Department or State Police, the Sargent on duty will set the bail bond amount at the Police Station. However, if the arrest was made by warrant, the bail bond amount is usually already set by the judge. Next, A member of our bail bond agency will place a call to the Police Department or Jail to find out the amount of the bail bond.

Number 02

Where are they being detained?

During our call to you one of our Connecticut Bail Bondsmen will gather information about the arrested individual, reason for the Arrest, full and legal name and date of birth. Next, the bail agent will ask who will be co-signing and will discuss payment methods with you. Check out our Police Departments or Department of Correction pages to find further information you may need.

Number 03

Find out their booking status.

You may call the arresting police department to determine how long the booking process will take. Once the phone call is complete one of our bail bond agents closest to your location will meet you at the Police Department or Correction Facility.
We’re available 24/7 and have bondsman located throughout Connecticut including Hartford CT, Middletown CT, New Haven CT, Bridgeport CT, Norwalk CT, Meriden CT, New Britain CT, Waterbury CT, Manchester CT, Willimantic CT, New London CT and Stamford CT. One of our bail bond agents will guide you through the entire process and will also answer any questions you may have.

Number 04

This is the simplest step.

Next, we will complete the required paperwork with you at the Jail and the payment can be made for the bail bond. The bond out process usually takes 30-45 minutes. During that time the arrested individual will have their photograph taken, be fingerprinted and the paperwork filled out and signed prior to their release. After completed, your loved one will be heading home.

Number 05

The final step is perhaps the most important.

The arrested individual must show up for all of their scheduled court dates to the assigned courthouse here in CT. In the event the defendant Fails To Appear for any of the scheduled court dates, the bail bondsman who posted the bail will be sent to locate the individual and you will be arrested again and returned to jail. On the other hand, If the defendant doesn’t Fail To Appear, the bond will be exonerated once the case is complete regardless of the disposition. If a friend or a loved one has been arrested and is in need of a bail bondsman, contact Liza Davis Bail Bonds today.

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