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How to post a bail bond with no money ?

No Money, No Problem. Posting A Bail Bond With No Money In Connecticut

The worst has happened. You’re sitting in a Connecticut jail with no money and no way out.

Is there a bail bond service that will help you if you don’t have any money?

How to post a bail bond with no money? You may not be surprised to learn many people don’t know how to post a bail bond with no money. After all, many people have never been exposed to the criminal justice system up close and personal.

As long as you’re sitting behind bars, you’re effectively isolated from putting an effective case together for your defense.  But there is a way to get out of jail. So this way you can start putting the pieces of your life back together. Even when you don’t have any money for bail.

The informational guide below will let you know how to post a bail bond in Connecticut with no money.

The guide will also provide some information about the judicial steps you can expect to go through once you are out on a bail bond. 

How To Post a Bail Bond With No Money

There are bail bond services that’ll work with you once they’re aware you have no money. There are even forms of collateral some of these same bail bond services accept. Some collateral that is accepted is:

Jewelry that’s been appraised or electronics when combined with cash

A title to a vehicle is often used as collateral when combined with cash for a bail bond, but you need to determine the car’s verifiable value first

Any real property you own or have equity in can cover a part of the bail bond when combined with cash, but you can’t have any liens against the property

Bail bond services also know some of their clients need to use money loans to help finance their bail amounts. Most bail bond services know you need to get back to work or with your family as soon as possible. Your best chance at being able to move forward successfully is with the support and care of those you love and who love you. 
There are times you need to ask for help from this caring group to help cover your bail bond financial requirements. Many times, clients get money from friends or family through Venmo, Apple cash, Western Union and more. 

Other Options When Posting a Bail Bond

There are other options you can explore when you’re posting a bail bond and have no money. For instance, you can sometimes get a co-signer with good credit and stable job history and have them co-sign your bond. Then you can go over a payment plan with the bail bond service.

Most bond payments are between ten to fifteen percent of the bail amount set by the court. If you don’t have the money to give the bail bond service, sometimes a bail bond service will charge thirty-five percent down payment of fees. There will be no interest on the payment of fees.

Most of these types of payment plans that have an unpaid balance must be paid off within fifteen months from the time the bail is posted. The defendant’s bail amount is set by the police, bail staff, or judges. The State of Connecticut regulates the percentages and rates of bail bonds and the industry is considered a professional and well-regarded part of the judicial system. 

What are Some Common Conditions of a Bail Bond?

Many people are so happy to get out of jail. They are so happy to get out of jail with their bail bond agreement that sometimes they forget to consider some of the conditions of their release on bond. Some typical conditions of release from jail when you a bail bond are:

The person on a bail bond must stay under the supervision of a designated person or organization

Someone on a bail bond must comply with any restrictions on travel they have or any people they associate with

Sometimes the person on a bail bond can’t continue to live in their current apartment or home

A defendant on a bail bond must not engage in any criminal activities and cannot use an intoxicant or controlled substance

The defendant on a bail bond cannot use or possess a dangerous weapon

The individual on a bail bond has to avoid all contact with any alleged victim of the crime or any potential witnesses

If for any reason, a person doesn’t obey the conditions of their release on bond, they can be charged with a new crime. The person can also have their bond revoked or made much more strict. 

Your Next Step is Your Most Important One

Connecticut has an excellent reputation in criminal justice reform and has cut its prison population to the lowest number its been in years. But there are still some gaps in what Connecticut legislators want to provide in the pretrial system. That’s because there is still a disparity between population numbers going down in prison while staying the same or rising in jails. 
Many times the disparity is because some of those waiting for trials or sentencing can’t afford to pay bail. Some of these people live on the streets are in an at-risk population group without a lot of resources. The bail bond services and legislators are working together to find pre-trial release solutions, but its currently a work in progress. 
The next decision you make or step you take maybe one of the most important ones you’ll ever make. If you find yourself in jail, you now know how to post a bail bond with no money. There are various options you can consider and sometimes the one solution that fits your financial situation best is one through a bail bonds service.
Liza Davis Bail Bonds wants to be there to help you find the bail bond solution that fits your life best. Liza Davis Bail Bonds wants you to reach out to them when you’re ready to take your first step. Take your first step out of the darkness of jail and into the light of fighting your criminal case. 


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