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What Is 3 Percent Bail Bonds?

3 Percent Bail Bonds Near Me

Let’s face it—there’s never a convenient time to get arrested.
And considering the fact that 1 person is arrested in the US every 3 seconds, that’s a lot of people being inconvenienced!
One of the most stressful parts of being arrested is the financial impact. What will happen to your job, your family, and other responsibilities if you’re not released right away? What if you lack the funds necessary to post bail?
This is where the right bail bonds agent can become your lifesaver. They’ll work with you to create a payment schedule you can afford so you can return to your life as quickly as possible.
Are you familiar with 3 percent bail in CT? What is 3 percent bail bonds, and is it the right answer for your situation?
Read on to learn more about this important legal option—your future may depend on it!

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When you’re arrested (unless it’s for a very serious crime), the court will set an amount you can pay to “bail” yourself out of jail. 
Depending on your crime, this could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You pay the set amount and you’re allowed to leave jail, provided you return to court for all aspects of the justice system.
What if you don’t have the funds available to post the full amount? Here’s where bail bonds come in.
When you hire a bail bonds agent, they pay the bail amount for you and charge you a state-mandated fee for the service. In Connecticut, this equals:
  • $50 for bails below $500
  • 10 percent for bails between $501-$5,000
  • 7 percent of set bail + a flat fee of $150 for bail above $5,001
So where does 3 percent bail factor in? Keep reading.

What Is 3 Percent Bail Bonds?

The state of Connecticut allows you (the defendant) to put down as little as 3 percent of the bail bond amount on bonds 10,000 and over . This is with the understanding that you’ll pay the remaining balance at a later date.
Of course, you must secure the bond with some type of collateral. This might include real estate, jewelry, cars, boats, or stocks and bonds—any physical property you own outright.
Let’s say your bail amount is set at $5,000. 10% for bails between $501 and $5,000, and 7% of set bail + Flat fee of $150 for bail above $5,001 to start the process of getting you out of jail.
Your bail bondsman will work with you to set up an affordable payment plan for the remaining balance at a later date.  They’ll also hold onto your collateral until all legal processes are settled.

How Can I Find the Right Bail Bonds Agent?

If you or a loved one lands in jail, your first thought is generally how to get out—fast.
What is 3 percent bail bonds? Think of it as your golden ticket out of jail and back to your life, even if you’re strapped for cash. 
Are you in need of a 3 percent bail bondsman? Or do you still have questions about how the process works?
Either way, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about bail bonds and how to find the best agent for your needs.


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