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How does an Inmate Stay in contact with friends and family ?

Keeping in Touch when in Jail. How Does An Inmate Stay In Contact With Friends And Family?

Additionally, staying in contact with friends and family is extremely important for Connecticut inmates.

How can a Connecticut inmate contact Liza Davis Bail Bonds while in jail?

If your loved one can’t post bail or is incarcerated in one of the Connecticut Correctional facilities and 

would like to call Liza Davis Bail Bonds, go right ahead; it’s as easy as dialing 860.818.7078!

Our bail bond agents always accept calls, however, due to the way the Securus Technologies system works you may need to try a few times.

What if I keep getting calls from a Connecticut inmate but I can’t connect?

To accept direct calls from Connecticut inmates you must set up an account with Securus Technologies at: The inmate must make sure to have your number (s) on their approved call list.

Have you been receiving calls from a Correctional facility in Connecticut but cannot connect to them, it is likely because you don’t have an account set up. 

The Connecticut inmate will also be able to make a few short calls from their counselor’s office, but that may take some time to arrange.

Sending Mail To Connecticut Inmates:

Inmates in Connecticut may receive and send as many letters as they would like. 

These letters may be from anybody, as long as the inmate pays for their own postage. 

However, there are a few exceptions; the victims, other inmates, or recently released inmates may not send letters.

Getting mail to an inmate is very important; mail is one of the only things they have to look forward to and is a way for your loved one to stay connected to the outside world. Therefore, if you need help writing to an inmate let one of our bail bond agents know and a member of our team will be happy to help you. You can also send the inmate 4″x6″ photos! However; there are some restrictions, the photos may not be instant or Polaroids, and they must not contain nudity or other sexual content, gang symbols, or tattoos. 

How to send books, newspapers and magazines to Connecticut inmates

Books, newspapers or magazines that contain nudity, sexual material, maps or anything that may comprise the correctional facility should not be sent. The books must be new, paperback and come directly from a source like  Amazon, no third party resellers will be accepted.

Add spending money for an inmate

Inmates have an account called an inmate trust fund, this is similar to a bank account. This will allow them to purchase items from the commissary, this will be needed to receive letters in return. If you would like to send money to an inmate, follow this link:

*** Must be sent in the configuration below:***

Inmate Name, ID Number 

Facility Name

P.O. Box or Street Address

City, State, ZIP Code


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