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Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on the Weekend?

How Can I Bail Someone Out Of Jail On The Weekend?

If you or a loved one find yourself in jail under arrest, there is likely one objective on your mind. I want to get out. Depending on the type of crime and your criminal record, you can often post bail to be released from jail.
What if your arrest happened on the weekend?  

Read on to learn how to bond someone out of jail, even on the weekend. 

Arrests Common During the Weekend 

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on the Weekend? The truth is that many arrests happen during the weekend. Most common Arrests are DUIs, drug possessions, disorderly conduct during the weekend. Arrests are likely to happen when people are out trying to have fun and then make some decisions. 
Police will also use this as a tactic when making an arrest. They will arrest late on Friday, holding over on their suspect the possibility of the weekend in jail. 

What Happens After the Arrest? 

After a person is put under arrest, they are taken to a holding cell. A person under arrest must go through the booking process. Here is where the arrest becomes officially on the books. 
The arrestee’s information will be entered into the computer. They will have their mug shot taken. Fingerprints and appropriate searches will happen at this step. Any personal items will be taken in custody by the police. 
During this process, weekend or not, a person can’t post bail yet. 
If the booking area is backed up with many arrests, the person under arrest will have to wait it out. 

Getting Bail on Saturday and Sunday, It Depends

There are a number of factors involved in this answer. First, it might depend on if you are required to appear before a judge or magistrate to have formal charges and a request for bail. 
This will depend on the jurisdiction of your arrest. Do they have judges available on the weekends for such hearings?
It might also depend on your criminal background. If this is not the first offense, if you are out on bail for another offense, for example. you might not get bail.
Assuming your arrest is the first offense, bail might be available. Often there is what is called a bail schedule. So offenses have set bail amounts. This might mean you won’t need to appear in front of a judge to get a bail amount. 

Posting Bail

Posting bail, weekend or not, means giving the court money as a guarantee that you will show back up for your court date. This can be done by the arrested if they have the funds. It can also be done for the arrested person by a friend or family member.
Any individual eligible can work with a bail bondsman to arrange bail. Many bail bondsmen are available 24/7 to arrange bail for the accused.  

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail On The Weekend? Yes!

Can you bail someone out of jail on the weekend? The answer is usually yes. 
If you need help arranging bail for someone, we can help you. We work weekends for just this reason. Contact us today to get help to arrange bail. 


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