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24 Hour Bail Bonds in CT: A Round the Clock Guide

Can You Bail somebody Out of Jail after Midnight? 24 Hour Bail Bonds In CT

Are you or your loved one currently looking for bail bonds? We understand that right now this is a difficult situation, and you’re looking for help with 24-hour bail bonds. 
In this article, you’ll get to explore the many advantages of having this 24-hour service. Read on to find out how to get your loved one home again.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Bail means that an arrestee or criminal defendant is released after an arrest before the end of their criminal case. It doesn’t have to (but can) involve the defendant paying money to the court. 
This money makes sure that you’ll return to court for the rest of the criminal justice process. It limits the amount of jail space necessary, along with ensuring you’ll return to court. 
You can be released at any time of the criminal justice process. This can include, after a court has issued a sentence, or right after an arrest. 
The individual posting bail, and the bonds agent, have a contract they agree to. The bail agent will then agree that the defendant will show up in court when they’re expected to. 
The defendant then receives a charge of the bail amount. The co-signer or defendant must promise they’ll pay the full amount of bail if they don’t appear in court. 

Benefits of a 24 Hour Bondsman

When you’re looking for a 24-hour bondsman near me, you’ll want to explore the benefits of choosing the 24-hour option. From getting to work immediately, to proving dedication, there are multiple reasons someone chooses 24-hour bail bonds CT. 
Some of the pros are:

  • Some bail bonds companies offer payment plans
  • Open 24/7 since an arrest can happen any time
  • Receive professional and legal guidance to understand the arrest process
  • Decreases the cost of bail by a large amount

1. Get to Work Immediately

When you or your loved one are in jail, you’ll want them home as soon as possible. This can be a negative and distressing experience for your loved one.
If you choose 24-hour bail bonds, then you can rest easy knowing that your bondsman is working quickly to post bail. They can work on cases fast, and get a late-night arraignment calendar for a quicker positive outcome. 

2. Reliability

A 24-hour bail bonds company is always available any time of day. You can feel safe knowing that your bondman office is working 24 hours dedicated to their clients. 
No matter what time of day, you can contact a 24-hour bail bondsman knowing you’ll receive a quicker release. 

3. Handle the Process With a Dedicated Person

When you’re looking for 24-hour bail bonds near me, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that bondsman is dedicated to their community. Since they’re open at all hours, you don’t have to worry about your loved one sitting in jail, wondering when the process will begin. 
They’ll work with you through the bail bond process, and answer any questions you have (24/7). 

4. Get Home Sooner

If you or your loved one are arrested, you can get home sooner thanks to a bail bondsman. It’s much quicker to work with a bail bond agency than waiting for a loved one to come up with the bond. Sometimes, agents can get the paperwork necessary done in less than an hour. 
Since no one wants to be stuck in jail, hire a 24-hour bail bonds company today. 

5. Saves Money

Working with a bail bonds company can save you thousands of dollars. When a judge sets the bail necessary, you don’t have to come up with the entire amount, just a percentage. Your bail bond agency will cover the rest of the bail. 
If the individual pays the bail, they’ll get the money back after the court case. 

Types of Bail

When you’re looking for a 24-hour bondsman near me, you can explore the different types of bonds since it’s not just one kind in Connecticut. The type you choose will depend on the charges and your ability to pay. 
Some types of bail are:

  • Own recognizance
  • Property bond
  • Cash bond

Own Recognizance

If you’re released on your own recognizance, that means you’re released without having to pay bail. This means that the judge and arresting officer believe you’ll show up to your court dates when instructed to do so. 
You’ll need to sign an agreement that verifies you’ll show up when you’re expected. 

Cash Bond

This is when you have cash paid to the court so you or your loved one can be released. Many courts only accept cash. Some courts will take credit cards or cashier’s checks. 
If your crime is severe, then you might find yourself with a high bond. If the defendant shows up in court, then they’ll receive most of their cash bond back. A percentage will be kept for court costs and fees. 

Property Bond

This means that something is used as collateral. Collateral can be something valuable such as property, a house, or a car. If you don’t show up for your court date, they can then seize this collateral. 
This can turn bad if you don’t trust the defendant to show up in court. Make sure you can trust they’ll definitely show up, so you don’t lose your property, home, or car. 
This collateral is considered a legal lien on the property. 

Exploring 24-Hour Bail Bonds

After exploring the benefits of 24-hour bail bonds, it’s clear to see why you would want to choose this for yourself or loved one.
Are you looking to get your loved one out immediately? Contact us for a free consultation. We will do everything necessary to get your loved one out as soon as possible. 


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