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Bail Bond Timeline: How Long Does It Take From Arrest to Bail in CT

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Has someone you care about just been arrested and you are frantic to get them out of jail? Imagining a loved one sitting in jail is a terrible feeling, likely filling you with fear, anxiety, and even grief over the situation. 
Are you wondering what happens next? Can you get them bail and get them out? If you’re like most people, you’re worried about what bail will cost and how you will be able to afford it. 
Read on to learn about the timeline that happens from arrest to bail and what you should expect from that process. 

Getting Out of Jail

There are a number of steps that must happen once a person is arrested before they can be released from jail. 
Once arrested, the accused is taken to the police station for booking. More on that in a minute. Then they must wait to appear before a judge. This will determine if they are eligible for bail and able to be released while awaiting trial. 
In a few situations, bail is predetermined which can help to move the process along in being released. 

In Need of An Attorney

Once at the police station, the accused is given the chance to make a phone call as part of the booking process. The accused might need to consider whether or not they should seek legal counsel. 
If the police are conducting an investigation, the arrested can be held for a period of time for questioning before bail is set. If the crime in question could result in jail time, they might want an attorney present for questioning. 
You’ve seen enough crime shows on the television to know that if you can’t afford an attorney, the state must provide one so your rights are protected. 
You don’t necessarily need an attorney to seek bail. Although they, along with a bail bonds agent, could help to facilitate getting a bail hearing. 

 What Happens From Arrest Onward?

To understand how long it takes to get someone released from jail after an arrest, you need to understand what happens from the arrest onward. Let’s take a closer look at the steps in the process. 
First, the accused is arrested. This might happen at the scene of the crime, it might happen later after the police have done some investigating. At the time of the arrest, the accused is read their rights.
They are then transported to the police station where they will go through the booking process. During the booking process, the accused must provide information like a home address and birth date. They will also be photographed for official records and be fingerprinted. 
During this time the accused might also be questioned or even interrogated. You should expect this process to take several hours.
At this point in the process, several things can happen. In the best-case scenario, the crime has a preset bail amount. This means bail is already established by the courts for that particular type of arrest. It means the accused would not have to appear before a judge. 
They either paid the bail or contacted a bail bonds agent to help pay bail and then they would be released. 

Appearing in Front of Judge

If it’s necessary to appear before a judge, the arrested would be placed in a holding cell until they can appear in front of a judge. At the arraignment, the judge will hear a plea and can make a decision about bail. 
The judge will consider several factors as they consider bail. 

  • What is the criminal record of the accused?
  • Do they appear to be a flight risk?
  • Are they a potential danger to others if released?
  • Are they a potential danger to themselves if released?

Based on those factors, they make a determination if the accused is eligible for bail. Obviously, the more heinous the crime or the greater the flight risk the person is, the likelihood of a higher bail is present. Then again, if bail is set, the accused can either pay it if they are able or make an arrangement with bail bonds to help get bail paid. 
It should be noted that domestic violence cases are handled a little bit differently. While you can get bail for a domestic abuse charge, often the process takes longer as restraining orders are often issued and the safety of the victims is carefully considered. 
If for some reason, the accused cannot get their arraignment within 48 hours, then they can still be given a bail hearing where bail can be set, and again, the accused either pays the bail and is released or must arrange bail with a bail bonds agent. 

Making Bail 

It’s one thing for a judge to establish bail, it’s another thing to actually pay it. Remember, just because a judge says the accused is eligible for bail, they still need to pay it to be released. 
If they can’t do that, they might need a bail bondsman to help. A bail bondsman works like a loan agent at a bank. You pay them a percentage of the bond, which is a fee they keep. In return, they pay the bail to the court so your loved one can be released from jail. 

Timeline From Arrest to Bail

You might be worried about someone you love who is locked up behind bars. There is a process that must happen once the arrest occurs before they can be released on bail. In some cases the arrest to bail process is several hours, in other cases, it’s several days. 
If you need help navigating the process, we can help. We are available 24/7 to help those facing this challenge in Connecticut. We work with police and courts all the time and understand how to figure out if bail is going to be an option. 
Contact us today to get the help you need to get your loved one out of jail.


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