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How to Get the Best Bail Bonds Service in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Quick Bail Bonds Service In Bridgeport Connecticut

More than 468 out of 100,000 people get sentenced to jail in Connecticut. While some of those people have to wait in jail for their sentencing date and trial, others have the option of waiting at home by posting bail.
The amount of bail varies from case to case, but for most families, coming up with the cash up front just isn’t an option. If you’re facing this situation, you don’t have to give up hope. You just need to find the best bail bonds service in Bridgeport to help.
Here’s what you need to do to make sure you find the best bail bondsman possible.

Make Sure That Bail Is an Option

Sometimes, judges won’t allow defendants to post bail. This often happens when they think the defendant is too much of a flight risk or wouldn’t be responsible enough to show up to their scheduled hearings.
Wait for the bail hearing and see what the judge says. If they grant bail, they’ll specify the amount at the hearing. The cost of the bail will vary from case to case. The more severe the crime and the longer the defendant’s criminal record is, the higher bail will be.
Remember, you’re not required to post bail if you worry that it’s too expensive or would be too much of a burden on your family. Defendants are free to stay in jail until their court date if they so choose.

Ask for Recommendations

After the judge grants bail, you’ll need to start asking for recommendations for bail bonds services in the area. Start by talking to your attorney or any friends and family members that posted bail in the past.
If you don’t know anyone that’s posted bail in the past or don’t feel comfortable getting recommendations from people you know, search online.
Just make sure that the companies you find online are able to work in Bridgeport. Not all bail bondsmen cover every part of the state or region. You’ll save yourself time and frustration by only contacting services that can work in your area.

Research Your Options

Once you have a few names in mind, take the time to research their reputations. See what previous clients have to say about their services or check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.
If most of the reviews and testimonials are positive, you’ll likely have a good experience working with the service. However, if the reviews express similar pain points or complaints, it’s best to keep looking.
Reputable and trustworthy bail bondsmen do everything they can to help their clients. Their reviews will reflect that.

Call More Than One Bail Bonds Service in Bridgeport

Once you’ve narrowed down the list, start making calls to gain more information about the bail bonds service and how their team operates.
Ask them to explain the bail process to you so you understand how each service works. Use this time to ask any remaining questions you might have regarding repayment terms and how soon the defendant will be able to get released after you agree to work with the bail bondsman.
The best bail bonds service in Bridgeport will take the time to answer your questions in detail.

Make Sure They Can Help with Your Situation

Before you agree to work with a specific service, make sure they’re willing to issue the type of bond and the bond amount that you need. If they can’t, you’ll need to keep looking.
You’ll also need to be willing to answer their questions as thoroughly as possible.
Reputable bail bondsmen will take the time to ask you for as much information as you’re willing to give about the defendant’s case. This includes the charges they’re facing, the bail amount, their history, their employment, and anything else they might use to better make a decision quickly.
The more details you can provide, the better off you’ll be and the faster you’ll learn whether they can help.

Understand Their Fees

Different services charge different fees based on the type of bond they’re issuing. As a general rule, you can expect to pay a certain percentage of the bond amount to the agent as a way to cover their services.
They should explain their fees when you speak with them and make sure you know how you’ll need to pay, what forms of payment they accept, and what happens if the defendant skips their hearings.
The fees should be fair and reasonable. If a service seems to be overcharging or won’t disclose their fees, you’ll want to keep looking.

Discuss Collateral Options

To secure the bail bond and protect the bail bonds service’s ability to continue to help others, they will ask you to post collateral to guarantee the bond. Typically, companies accept valuables like jewelry, electronics, cars, homes, and any other type of real property that they can use to settle the debt.
If the defendant fails to appear for their hearing or violates the terms of their release, the bail company can take possession of the collateral and sell it to pay off what’s owed.
Before you make a decision, take the time to understand the types of collateral they’ll accept.

Partner with the Bridgeport, CT, Bail Bondsman You Can Trust

The best bail bonds service in Bridgeport is one that you’re comfortable working with and one that can help you or a loved one get out of jail quickly. Keep these tips in mind when you start looking for a bail bondsman and you’ll be sure to find the right service for your needs.
If you’re looking to spare yourself the stress of hunting for a bail bondsman you can trust, don’t wait. Contact us today to speak with our dedicated team.
At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we’re proud to help defendants and their families get back to life as normal quickly. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will do everything we can to take the stress out of posting bail.


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