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Common Types of Bail Bonds in Milford, CT

Common Types of Bail Bonds in Milford, CT

No matter the offense, you shouldn’t spend more time than necessary in jail before your trial. Whether it’s a drug offense or another charge, a bail bond can help you get out of jail while you prepare for trial with your lawyers. 
If you need bail for a friend or loved one, you have options. The judge determines your options based on the offense and the arrested person’s criminal history. Be prepared before you need it! Keep reading to learn more about Bail Bonds Milford.

Cash Bonds

If you have enough cash, you can pay the full bail amount directly to the court to release your friend or loved one from jail. In some cases, you can also use personal property as collateral, like your car or home.
However, keep in mind that you’re responsible for the person you bailed out of jail until their case ends or the court drops the charges. If your friend or loved one flees or fails to appear in court, you could lose the money you posted for bail. 
Sometimes a judge will require a cash-only bond. In this case, a Milford CT Agent won’t help you cover the bail amount. A cash-only requirement means the judge wants the full bail amount upfront. This is common for cases involving felony charges, perceived flight risks, or repeat offenders.  

Surety Bond

When you can’t fund the bail amount on your own, reach out for the help of Bail Bonds serving Milford. A bond agent can pay the court to release a person from jail. You pay a fee to the bail agent for this service—usually about ten percent of the total bail amount. 
In this case, the bail agent is responsible for the full bail amount if the person charged with a crime fails to follow the bond stipulations. While you won’t recover the fee you pay to the bond agent, you’re also not financially responsible for the full bond amount if your friend skips town or violates the bond agreement.


For minor offenses and first-time offenders, it’s not uncommon for a judge to release someone on recognizance. Paying bail is still on the table. However, the judge can allow the arrested person to leave jail until the court date without paying anything upfront. 
If the person violates the terms of the bail agreement or fails to show up for court, they could have to pay a bail amount and return to jail. 

Bail Bonds Milford Reduces Your Risks

Unless the judge requires a cash-only bond, reduce your financial risks by choosing Bail Bonds Milford. A bail agent assumes the risk for your friend or loved one, while you pay only a small fee for this service. Using a bond service is the best way to help someone spend less time in jail without putting your finances at risk. 
Liza Davis Bail Bonds is available 24/7 when you need a professional bond agent to help you get out of jail fast. Contact us with any questions about our services!

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