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Do You Get Bail Bond Money Back in Enfield, CT?

Do You Get Bail Bond Money Back in Enfield, CT?

Posting bail for a friend or loved one can be an expensive commitment. When you pay to bail someone out of jail, you’re responsible for them until the end of their trial. If they violate the terms of their bail or fail to appear in court, they can go back to jail and you could lose the money you posted for their freedom. 
However, what happens if all goes according to plan? Many people wonder, “do you get bail bond money back” when their friend or loved one completes a trial or the court drops the charges. Here’s what you need to know about getting your money back. 

It Depends On The Circumstances

Bail is different for every arrest and every circumstance surrounding an offense. Depending on the charges and a person’s criminal history, bail amounts and stipulations can be lenient, or they can be severe. Felony charges can increase the amount owed for bail. Lesser charges can make the bail process simple and lower the amount needed to get out of jail. 
How you supply the bail payment also affects the terms of the bail and if you get your money back. 

Personal Funds or Property

If you have the funds and can pay the full bail amount directly to the court, there’s a good chance you’ll get your bail money back after the trial or if your friend isn’t held responsible for the arrest charges. 
Since you are working directly with the court, you’re responsible for the full amount of the bail. However, since you’re not paying a fee for the services of an Enfield CT Agent, you can receive a full bail refund. 

Bail Bond Funds

If you use Bail Bonds Enfield, you won’t receive your money back. However, you’re also not paying the full bond amount.
When you don’t have enough cash or collateral to fund the full bail amount, Bail Bonds serving Enfield provides those funds. Since your bail bond agent pays the full amount of the bail for your friend or loved one, you aren’t entitled to a refund after the case ends.
You do pay a small percentage of the full amount to the bail agent. It’s usually about 10% of the total bail amount, and your bail agent keeps that money in exchange for providing the full bail amount to the court. 


If your friend or loved one violates the stipulations of their release on bail, you could lose some or all of the money you paid for bail. Make sure you understand the risks before committing personal funds to bail anyone out of jail. 

Do You Get Bail Bond Money Back? It Depends.

Do you get bail bond money back? Depending on the circumstances, you could get your money back after trial. However, the best way to minimize the risk of losing a large amount of bail money is to use a bail agent! Liza David Bail Bonds serves the Enfield area. Don’t risk your finances! Contact us to handle bail funds if you ever need it. 

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