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Everything You Need to Know About a DUI Bail Bond in Norwalk, CT

There’s no getting around that being arrested for a DUI has its own set of immediate and long-term legal repercussions. Some of those repercussions can be mitigated by the use of a DUI bail bond. If you’ve been arrested in Connecticut for a DUI, there are bail bond agents that can help you get out of detention and back to your life while you go through the criminal legal process.
Read on to discover how much you need to know about DUI’s and how to find the best DUI bail bond service in Connecticut. 

DUI Bail Bond in Norwalk and Throughout Connecticut

You’ve already been arrested and taken to jail for a DUI. You’ll now be presented with a court summons that informs you that you must appear in court over your DUI charges. If the court allows you to be released from detention, they will give you a bail amount.
It’s the bail amount you give the courts while you move through the criminal justice system process. You may have heard bail called a bond, and while they both end up meaning the same thing, it’s important to understand how the process works. The reason you’ve been given a bail amount is to help ensure you show up for your DUI court dates.
In laymen’s terms, it’s the way the court ensures you either show up for your DUI court dates or you forfeit the amount of bail you put up to get out on pre-trial release.

DUI Bail Process in Norwalk and Throughout Connecticut

The most important thing you can do is get in touch with an informed and experienced DUI bail bondsman in Connecticut. The amount of bail bond you’ll pay depends on the magnitude of your DUI offense, like if you have a previous DUI or criminal history or if you have family in Norwalk or any other municipality in Connecticut. No matter what the bail bond amount, if you contact a pro-active and caring Connecticut bail bondsman, they can make the frightening process, you’re going through much easier to bear.

DUI Bail Bonds Amount in Norwalk and Throughout Connecticut

DUI bail bonds usually result in you paying 10% of anywhere from $500 to $10,000. The State of Connecticut already sets the minimum amount of your bail. The court determines the specific bail bond amount during your pre-trial hearing after your arrest.
Remember, the amount of bail bonds is impacted by your previous criminal history, if any, and other variables. You should try to find compassionate and reputable bail bonds services like Liza Davis Bail Bonds to pay your bail. You can make the already difficult and sometimes frightening process you’re going through easier on yourself or harder.
A bail bond services like Liza Davis Bail Bonds gives you peace of mind for 10% of your bail bonds amount. The piece of mind is what helps you get through the criminal legal process that will end and one in which you will be able to get through one step at a time.  

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