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How a Derby, CT Bail Bonds Agent Can Help You

An arrest can be unexpected and unsettling. Even if you don’t have the funds to bail yourself out of jail after an arrest, there’s no need to sit in jail longer than you need to be there. 
Bail Bonds Derby can help you get out of jail, sometimes even on the weekends. To take advantage of bail bond services when you need them, it’s critical to understand how we can help. Keep reading to learn how a bail bonds agent can help you get back home after an arrest. 

How Does Bail Work?

Bail is the process of giving someone temporary release from jail while they await trial for an offense. Bail Bonds serving Derby pay your bail amount. In return for this service, you pay a fee to your bail agent.
While out on bail, you must follow the rules stipulated by the court, including showing up for all meetings with your lawyer and your court date. If you violate the details of your bond agreement, the court can revoke your bond and send you back to jail. Your bail bonds agent can also keep the fee you paid them. 

Don’t Panic!

Many arrests take place with loud sirens and bright flashing lights. Police officers can be brisk and commanding when working you through the arrest process and booking you into jail. 
There’s no need to panic when this happens. Staying calm can help your arrest process move faster and help police officers and detention officers treat you more professionally. Plus, you need to keep your calm to make a phone call about getting out of jail. 

Be Patient

Depending on your offense, it can take a while to get you through the arrest process and settled in jail. Your offense also determines your bail amount and if you’ll need to see a judge before we can bail you out of jail. An adult assault offense can require stipulations along with your bail, while the bail process and amount for a juvenile could be more lenient. 
As soon as a Derby CT Agent receives your call and understands your circumstances, they can work on the payment and arrangements for your bail. Bail can take as little as an hour, or you could sit in jail overnight. However, as soon as you can get your phone call, call us directly, or have someone get in touch with us to start the bail-out process. 

Trust the Right Bail Bonds Agent

Your freedom from jail is essential! Sitting in jail keeps you from family and work responsibilities. Your trial can take place weeks or months after your arrest date. To avoid spending that time behind bars, call a bail bonds agent right away. 
Make sure you choose a trustworthy, professional bail bondsman! Liza Davis Bail Bonds is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We work quickly on your behalf to minimize your time in jail. Contact us for questions about how we can help!

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