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How to Check for Warrants in Waterbury, CT

One of the best ways to reduce jail time is to take care of warrants right away. Supposing you know you have a warrant out for your arrest, or you’ve committed an offense that could generate an arrest warrant, being proactive about it can work in your favor. 
If you commit a felony or other serious crime, we can’t promise you’ll avoid jail or wouldn’t need help for your felony bail bond. However, an arrest as a result of an issued warrant should never come as a surprise to you. Assuming you know you have a warrant, you can work with a Waterbury CT Agent to be available when it’s time to bail out of jail. 
How can you find out about warrants? Keep reading to learn how to check for warrants. 

What is an Arrest Warrant?

A police officer can arrest you on the spot if they determine your behavior is a criminal offense. You can also face arrest when a judge issues a warrant for something you might (or might not) have done. 
An arrest warrant is a legal document from a judge that gives the police authorized to arrest the individuals named in the warrant. The document includes the reason for your arrest by specifying a crime. The warrant can also specify how and when to arrest the people named in the warrant. 
If you know you committed a crime, an arrest warrant shouldn’t be a surprise to you. However, if you’re accused of a crime without being aware of that accusation, police can arrest you based on a warrant that names you as the offender. To avoid an unexpected arrest, you can check to see if a judge has issued warrants for you. 

How Can I Find a Warrant?

In Connecticut, arrest warrants are public records. You need to know the name of the person with a potential warrant, the name of the town where the judge issued the warrant, and the name of the court. 
You can call your local court and ask for arrest warrant information. However, doing this puts you at risk for the police to identify your location and make an immediate request. 
The State of Connecticut makes it simple to search its online database of arrest warrants. If you aren’t sure about the correct information to find a warrant, you can work with your attorney or Bail Bonds serving Waterbury to help you search for warrants. 

If You Have a Warrant

In the event that your search results show that you have an arrest warrant, contact Waterbury Bail Bondsmen and your lawyer. They can help you take care of the warrant and bail you out of jail, if necessary. 

Knowing How to Check for Warrants Can Reduce Your Time in Jail

You can plan ahead when you know how to check for warrants. Liza Davis Bail Bonds can help you find outstanding warrants for your arrest. Our Bail Bonds Waterbury services can help you get you out of jail while you wait for trial. Contact us with any questions about how the process works! 

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