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Vital Information About Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT

Fortunately for Connecticut, their crime rate, arrests, probation, and prison populations have all gone down. The state is seeing a promising improvement in all these areas.
But that doesn’t mean arrests don’t still happen. After all, we’re human—people make mistakes; sometimes bad things happen to good people; and maybe, that leads to an arrest.
Being arrested is stressful enough as it is. Not having the money to pay for bail is even more stressful.
Are you or a loved one looking for bail bonds in Hartford, to get you through this trying time? How can a bail agent help?
Keep reading to learn vital information about posting bail and working with a bail bonds agency.

What Is Bail?

When someone gets arrested, a judge or police officer determines a bail amount. Paying this “fee” allows the defendant to go home instead of going to jail for the time being. This money is a way for the defendant to guarantee they’ll appear for any court dates.
If the defendant appears at all hearings, they’ll eventually get their bail money back. If they don’t appear in court, they forfeit the bail money, which the courthouse keeps. In this way, it’s like collateral.
Bail is determined by several factors, such as

  • Defendant’s ties to the community
  • Flight risk factor
  • Severity of crime

Often, people don’t have the emergency cash to pay this high dollar amount. Instead of getting incarcerated, many people turn to a bail agent. For a small fee, a bail agency assumes the risk, promising the court the defendant and/or the money if the defendant doesn’t show.

What Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond, or surety bond, is a bail payment made through a bond agency.
A defendant pays the bond agency a certain percentage of their bail amount—usually about 10 percent or more. This makes it significantly more affordable for the defendant. For example, if their bail were $1,000, they’d pay a bond agency $100, give or take.
The bond agency may use some form of collateral—cash, home, car—to ensure good standing with the defendant. 
The bond agency posts the bail amount and guarantees the court that the defendant will appear for any hearings. If the defendant appears at all hearings, they get their bail money or collateral back, and the bond agency keeps whatever percentage was agreed upon.

Types of Bail Bonds

To ensure the assistance of any kind of case, many agencies serve many types of bonds.
At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we offer the following types of bail bands serving Hartford:

  • Assault 
  • Computer crime 
  • Disorderly conduct 
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug crimes
  • Drug trafficking 
  • DUI
  • Felony 
  • FTA
  • Identity theft
  • Immigration
  • Juvenile 
  • Larceny and theft 
  • Marijuana 
  • Parole violation
  • Probation violation
  • Sex crimes
  • Weapons violation
  • White-collar crime

A well-rounded agency should offer several types of bonds for a variety of cases.

Need Bail Bonds in Hartford? Look No Further

Getting arrested is hard enough without the looming cost of posting bail, too.
Luckily, with the help of a Hartford, CT, agent, you or a loved one will be on your way out—where there’s the chance to look for a job, study the case for court, or stay with family.
If you need bail bonds in Hartford, we offer free consultations. That way, you’re saving as much money as possible. Contact us at any time, 24/7, for any questions or additional information.

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