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What Happens to Your Manchester, CT Bail Bond?

What Happens to Your Manchester, CT Bail Bond?

When your loved one calls you from jail, you’d do just about anything to help them. You search out the best Manchester Bail Bondsmen, and you post bail.
But what happens if that loved one commits another crime? If he or she fails to show up for court, he will be charged with failure to appear in court. 
Keep reading to learn about the process of what happens when a defendant jumps bail. 

Why Do We Have Bail?

For a court to ensure a defendant shows up to his court date, a judge can either keep a defendant in prison until that date or require him to pay a painfully big amount of money with the promise of returning it when he shows up to court. This money is called bail.
A judge determines bail based on the weighted release criteria for that defendant. 

How do Bail Bonds Work?

What if you cannot afford bail? This is where you need a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman in Manchester, CT will post your bail for you for a fee. 
Bail Bonds Services in Manchester, CT charge defendants a percentage of the bail. So if your bail is set at $10,000 and the Manchester, CT agent charges 10 percent, the bail bond company will post bail and charge you $1,000. When you show up for court, the company gets their $10,000, and you pay $1,000. 

What is Failure to Appear?

What happens when a defendant decides to not show up to court? This is known as a failure to appear or bail jumping. 
Posting bail is a lawful contract that guarantees an individual will appear for his or her court date. When a defendant jumps bail, the person who posted bail is now held responsible for the bail amount. 
Emergencies, accidents, and just unexpected events happen periodically, legitimately preventing a defendant from showing up. in those cases, a merciful judge will reschedule the court date. 
However, if a defendant purposefully jumps bail, he has now committed another crime. Willfully fleeing a crime is a felony. Defendants now have this added crime added to the other crimes they’re accused of. 
If you have contacted a Bail Bond Company Manchester, CT and posted bail for a loved one who jumps bail, now you have to help the Manchester Bail Bondsmen locate the defendant. As the signer of the bond, you also must pay any fees the bondsman incurs while he looks for the defendant. For example, if the bondsman needs to hire a bounty hunter, you’re responsible for that fee. 
When a defendant fails to appear in court, the court collects and keeps all of the bail money. Whoever posted bail loses the money and any collateral put up for the bond.
You can find several bail bonds in Manchester, CT. So if you find yourself in jail in Manchester, you can just search for bail bonds Manchester. 

Show Up

Failure to appear for court is a felony. Before you post bail for a loved one, make sure they’ll show up for court. 
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