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We've been reuniting families with their loved ones for over 15 years with our professional Connecticut bail bond services. Our CT bail bonds include:

Liza Davis Bail Bonds Services All Types Of Bail Bonds Including:

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We Have Branford CT Bail Bond Agents Near Branford Police Department & New Haven Superior Court

Branford Jail and Court Information

Branford Police Department – Bail Bonds in Branford, CT

33 Laurel Street, Branford, CT 06405 Phone: 203-481-4241

New Haven - G.A. 23

121 Elm Street,
New Haven, CT 06510
Chief Clerk's Office: 203-789-7461

The Steps to Bail Someone Out In Branford Connecticut

Follow these steps below to be released from jail on a Bail Bond. It’s a simple process:

1). Bond Will Be Set.

The Branford Police Department will determine the bond. If you can’t pay this, a judge will set the bail. If you can’t pay this bail, you will remain in jail until your next court appearance is scheduled. Many bail bondsman are in the Westbrook CT area, but Liza Davis Bail Bonds is always ready to answer your call. After getting some personal information such as your name and date of birth, they will take the time to guide you through the steps of the procedure so you understan.

2). Meet With The Bail Bondsman.

Once you are arrested and make contact with a Branford, CT bail bondsman, you will then meet a bail agent in person. They offer a one on one consultation to make sure you understand the bail process. You will be asked if you have any other questions or concerns. Payment methods will be discussed.

3). Release From Jail.

Liza Davis Bail Bonds goes to work to get you released from jail quickly. The Branford bail bonds agent will fill out the required paperwork. The process will take around 30 to 40 minutes. Once this is complete, you will be given release papers and are free to go.

4). Going To Court Dates.

After you are released from jail, you will have a court date you will have to attend. You will be informed of this date, and you have to show up at the date and time stated. If you fail to do this, you will go back to jail, and the Branford bail agent will be sent.

5). Exoneration.

A exoneration of the issues bond will occur after you have gone to all court dates. This happens regardless of the verdict in the case.

For more information, call 860-347-2245.

About Liza Davis Bail Bonds - Branford, CT Bail Bonds

Fast Bail Bonds Services. Get 24/7 Branford, CT Bail Bonds To Released Right Away.

Our Mission

The bail bond process can get confusing, if you work with the wrong bail bondsman or try it on your own. This process does not have to be overbearing;
Liza Davis Bail Bonds is here 24/7 to help make the bail bonds process quick and easy

Different from other bail bond companies out there, Liza Davis Bail Bonds want to be completely transparent with our clients from the first moment they contact us. Liza Davis Bail Bonds will work hard to develop a relationship with our clients that is built on trust and reliability. All of our prices are a states lowest, and clearly communicated right from the beginning, making us the most trusted bail bond company in all of Connecticut.
Discreet 24/7 Bail Bondsman in Branford, CT

When you work with a bail bonds agent, you need someone available to you all the time. Our Branford Bail Bonds team is available 24/7, when you give us a call, you’ll be talking to a real bail agent.

Our Community

Clients Always Come First

Our first priority is helping your loved one navigate the bail process so they can be released. Here at Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s why we’re in this business.
We Proudly Serve the Branford, CT Area

We’ve been in the Branford, CT area for 15 years and we’ve helped our clients get released from jail with our affordable bail bond services. Here at Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we love the Branford community.

We’re Here For You

Work with the most reliable bail bondsman in Branford, CT. Give Liza Davis Bail Bonds a call today to learn more. 860.818.7078


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