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We've been reuniting families with their loved ones for over 15 years with our professional Connecticut bail bond services. Our CT bail bonds include:

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We Have East Hartford CT Bail Bond Agents Near East Hartford Police Department & Manchester Superior Court

East Hartford Jail and Court Information

East Hartford Police Department

31 School St, East Hartford, CT 06108 Phone: 860-528-4401

Manchester - G.A. 12

410 Center Street, Manchester, CT 06040 Chief Clerk's Office: 860-647-1091

The Steps to Bail Someone Out In East Hartford Connecticut

No one wants to deal with bail bonds in East Hartford, CT, but sometimes that’s just the way it is. If you or a loved one are going to be dealing with bail bonds, then you should be as informed as possible. At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, it’s our goal to ensure our clients are always aware of every step of the bail bond process. Knowing what bail bonds are and what to expect after you or a loved one is arrested is quite helpful when facing thoughts like court cases, arraignments, and more.

1). The Bond Is Set

When you get arrested, the last thing on your mind is how much cash you have on you, but it can be handy to carry money when you’re at risk for being arrested for something petty. That’s because your personal bond might be quite low if your offense was a minimal one, and you might not have to call anybody for assistance. The way officers decide your bail bond in East Hartford, CT is by weighing factors like the severity of your crime, the likelihood of flight out of the state or country, and more. If you’re unable to pay your final bail, which is set by the judge, then you’ll remain in jail until your court case. This can take quite a long while, which is why we highly recommend not doing anything illegal unless you have a lot of money to (literally) bail yourself out.

2). Contacting a Bail Bondsman

When you reach out to a East Hartford bail bondsman, you’ll be asked questions about the arrestee’s age, gender, description, the reason for the arrest, and other factors that are of concern. Making sure you know all this information is essential, which also means guaranteeing you have a clear head when reaching out to a bail bonds professional. After calling, you’ll meet with the bondsman, who will help you to understand what happens from that point on, detailing the court date, trial, likelihood of a trial, and more. This is also where payment and collateral are discussed. After all, the benefit of 24/7 bail bonds in East Hartford, CT is that at any time, your bond can be taken care of for you.

3). Release

After your bond has been forked over and all the necessary paperwork has been filled out by your bail bondsman representative, you’ll be allowed out of jail. However, it’s imperative that you go to the filed court date, as avoiding it will lead to a bounty being placed on your head, potentially more severe charge, and your return to jail.

4). Going to Court

After your bail has been taken care of, either by you or a qualified bail bondsman, your court date will be scheduled. Again, it’s imperative that you show up to this court date, as not showing up will lead to your bondsman trying to track you down and take you back to jail.

5). Exoneration

If you show up to court like you were supposed to, then your bail gets removed and everything is hunky-dory, regardless of whether you’re found guilty or innocent.

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You are innocent until proven guilty. We are a leading provider of Connecticut bail bonds, and nobody can match our 24/7 bail bondsmen in East Hartford, Connecticut.

About Liza Davis Bail Bonds - East Hartford, CT Bail Bonds

24/7 Bail Bondsmen in East Hartford, CT — Liza Davis Bail Bonds

Professional and discreet bonding service with agents nearby for your convenience.

Our Purpose and Drive Behind CT Bail Bonds

Our courteous staff at Liza Davis Bail Bonds stands behind courteous treatment and professionalism that transcends all circumstances. We have a firm belief in the creed, “Innocent until proven guilty,” and we live by that statement with every client we endeavor to serve.

We also know things happen, and emergencies like an arrest do not need more publicity than they already have. That is why we are available for discreet treatment and efficient service to help you or your loved ones when you find yourself in a tight spot.

Our Reasons For What We Do 

Our professional bondsmen at Liza Davis Bail Bonds are well aware of the dangers that being in jail can bring. We are concerned about our local community and make an effort to protect our client’s safety during the difficult times you face after being arrested. 

That is why we put the confidentiality and trust of every person we assist to the forefront. And since time is of the essence in situations like this, we make ourselves available, night and day, no matter what.

Multiple Bond Services Available

Whatever the specific bail bond you need, we can help. Our long list of bail bonds includes computer crime, DUI, drug crimes, juvenile, larceny, theft, and other bail bonds. We have built a reputation of providing exactly what our clients need exactly when they need it.

Serving the East Hartford, CT Area

Our offices are strategically located in East Hartford, CT so that we can get a quick response out and start the process faster. We are located near the East Hartford Police Department and the Manchester Superior Court so that getting to your number one priority – obtaining you or your loved ones’ release – happens as quickly as possible.

Bail Written in All Counties

The process is simple — the bail amount is first set by the court. Of course, you will want to seek a quick release.

To ensure a proper release, you need a company that can produce the bail paperwork needed for all counties in Connecticut.

We have the resources so that no matter where in the state the arrest takes place, we can help get the bail bond secured for a release. 

Trust One of the Only Reliable Sources of 24/7 Bail Bondsmen in East Hartford, CT

We are here to help you! Get in contact with us today and start the process you need to secure a timely release for you or your loved one.


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