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Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional Center - Hartford, CT

Bail Bonds Hartford Correctional Center / HCC

Do you have a loved one who has been locked up in the Hartford, CT Correctional Institution? Are you trying to figure out how to arrange bail for them?
While you might be worried and wondering how to proceed, the bail process is pretty straightforward. You need Bail Bonds Services Hartford, CT to help you get started. 
It can take several hours but the more quickly you get a bail bonds agent working on this the better. They know the Hartford Correctional Center and how to proceed. 
Read on to learn about the process to set up bail at the Hartford CT Correctional Institution.

Information on Hartford Correctional Center, Hartford, CT

The Hartford Correctional Center is located in Hartford at 177 Weston Street in Hartford. This facility holds around 1,000 inmates. Many of the inmates in this correctional facility are awaiting pre-trial hearings. Some are awaiting bail hearings, while others have been denied bail.
This is a Level 4 high-security facility. In addition, this facility also works as a medical and surgical facility for the Connecticut Department of Corrections.
It should be noted that you can only bond someone out from this facility between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm. It can take several hours to go through the process, once it starts at the facility. If you want to bail someone out who is currently being held at this facility and it’s not between those hours, you should still contact the bail bonds agent right away to get the process started. 

Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

If you are wanting to get bail for someone, it’s good to understand the process. 
Once a person is put under arrest, they are taken to the local police station. Here they will go through the booking process and be formally charged. 
During the booking process, the accused will have the crime recorded, be fingerprinted and have a mugshot taken. Their criminal history will be checked, as well as checking for any outstanding warrants. All personal items will be taken and secured. 
Health screenings are conducted before they are moved to jail. During this time they might be questioned by the police and they will also be given an opportunity to make a phone call. 
Once through the booking process, several things can happen. They could be released without bail, often having to pay a fine. There could be a set bail amount without needing to appear before a judge. 
Often though, once the booking is complete, the arrested must wait to appear before a judge where bail can be considered. 

Liza Davis Bail Bonds Can Help

If you need a bail bond, Hartford, CT jail like the Hartford, CT Correctional Institution. No matter the stage of the booking process, we can help. 
We know how to work with Hartford Police and the Hartford Correctional Institution regularly.  At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we know the process and can get involved to try to move it along for you. 

Get Bail From the Hartford CT Correctional Institution

It’s understandable if someone you love is locked up to be worried. You want to get them out on bail as quickly as possible. We are familiar with the Hartford CT Correctional Institution and can help. 
Contact us today to get the bail process started. We are available 24/7 to assist you.


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