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Bail Bonds Somers, CT Northern Correctional Institution

Bail Bonds Northern Correctional Institution

Has someone you love been arrested and is being held? Are you worried because they are behind bars at the Northern Correctional Institution? You might have heard about this prison and want to find a way to get bail. 
Getting bail is a process and will depend on the severity of the crime in question. Read on to learn about the Somers, CT Correctional Institution, the bail process, and how Liza Davis Bail Bonds can help. 

Northern Correctional Institution

The Northern Correctional Institution is a level 5 maximum-security prison. This facility holds prisoners who have been accused or convicted of committing violent crimes. 
This institution, located in Somers, Connecticut, houses mostly offenders who are awaiting pre-trials. They also house the death row inmates. 
Many of the prisoners who are housed at the Northern Correctional Institution have struggled with incarceration. They have been violent. It is believed they are a threat to society at large. They have demonstrated behaviors that indicate they are a threat to the community, staff or other inmates. 
While at the Somers, CT correctional institution inmates are worked with until they display positive behaviors which would allow them to go back to the less restrictive prison setting. 

The Bail Process

The process for bail begins after being booked at the arresting police station. Once the booking process is complete, there are a few things that can happen. The accused might be released with a fine or given the option to pay a  cash bond right away. 
For more serious crimes, which is likely the case if they are being held at the Northern Correctional Institution, they must appear before a charge for their formal charges and a bail hearing
The judge will consider both the crime in question, the criminal history, and the potential for being a flight risk. If the judge feels the accused is not a danger to society by being released, bail will be set. 

Bail Bonds Services

We provide bail bonds services in Somers, CT for the Somers, CT Correctional Institution. We are familiar with this correctional institution and work with them on bail cases regularly. 
If someone you love is being held in this facility, the first thing for us to figure out is if they are eligible for bail. Because of the type of prisoner this institution holds, many here are not eligible for bail. 
Let us help you work through the process. If they are eligible for bail, we can help you get them out. 

Getting Bail From the Somers, CT Jail

Are you looking for a bail bonds agent to help you deal with the Northern Correctional Institution? We are a Somers, CT bail bonds agent and want to help you. 
We know this facility well and can help you figure out bail for your loved one if they are eligible for it. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to work with you.  Contact us today to get started looking into the bail.


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