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We've been reuniting families with their loved ones for over 15 years with our professional Connecticut bail bond services. Our CT bail bonds include:

Liza Davis Bail Bonds Services All Types Of Bail Bonds Including:

Click below to read more about each type or Call Us 24/7:   860-347-2245 

We Have Norwalk CT Bail Bond Agents Near Norwalk Police Department & Norwalk Superior Court

Norwalk Jail and Court Information

Norwalk Police Department

1 Monroe Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 Phone: 203-854-3000

Norwalk - G.A. 20

17 Belden Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850 Chief Clerk's Office: 203-849-3580

The Steps to Bail Someone Out In Norwalk Connecticut

Nothing compares to that gut-wrenching feeling that comes from hearing that your loved one is behind bars. But before you panic, take a deep breath. Our bail bonds service is here to help you out.  If you’re new to the bail bonds process, this guide is for you. Take a look at the steps below to learn how Norwalk, CT bail bonds work:

1). Call Liza Davis Bail Bonds

After the local authorities determine the bond amount, you’ll need to gather the funds. The cost of the bond is decided at the location of the arrest. Once you have that information, call us at 860-818-7078. We’ll need your loved one’s full name, date of birth, the jail location, and the purpose for the arrest. Please note, it’s important that you provide us with the correct spelling of the individual’s name that is locked up.

2). Meet With Our Knowledgeable Bail Bonds Agent

After we’ve gathered the proper information, you’ll meet with one of our Norwalk CT bail bonds agents. We service all eight counties in Connecticut and have bail bonds agents near Norwalk Superior Court and Norwalk Police department. Therefore, someone is always available to meet you. One of our agents will take you through the steps of the entire bonds process. They’ll go over the payment information and discuss any collateral that may be required. Collateral might include vehicles, jewelry, or property. 

3). Jail Release

Next, our agent posts bail and completes the necessary paperwork. This part of the process generally takes less than an hour. After the paperwork is signed and processed, the arrested individual receives their release documentation once it’s approved. After this point, your loved one is allowed to go home.

4). Court Date

Once the bail bonds process is over, the arrested individual must attend their court hearing at the date and time assigned by the Connecticut courthouse. Although your loved one posts bail, it’s still important that they show up to their court date. If not, they’ll be in jeopardy of getting arrested again.

5). Exoneration

Upon case completion, the bond is exonerated—despite the verdict results. As you can see, the bails bonds process in Norwalk Connecticut is simple and straightforward. We’ll work with you in any way we can to get your loved one out of jail. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, so you can trust us to get the job done.

Bail Bonds Norwalk, CT

Do you need a bail bonds service to get your loved one out of jail? If so, Liza Davis Bail Bonds is here for you. We offer 24/7 bail bondsman Norwalk, CT assistance. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you.

Our services include bail bonds for computer crimes, assault, identity theft, immigration, drug crimes, and much more.

Plus, our prices are low and we accept payment plans. If you have questions, call us at 860-818-7078 or contact us online.

About Liza Davis Bail Bonds - Norwalk, CT Bail Bonds

Behind Bars? Get Connecticut Bail Bonds!

When one of your loved ones gets arrested, you want to act quickly and get them out. Our bonds can help.

Liza Davis Bail Bonds

When you need the best 24/7 bail bondsman Norwalk, CT offers, we’re your No. 1 call.

We know the extreme stress of getting a phone call to find out one of your loved ones has been arrested. You want to do anything to get them out and back safe with you. But when the authorities tell you the bail price, your stomach drops. Chances are, it’s too expensive for you to afford suddenly.

You also know, though, that the more time they spend behind bars, the less safe they are from people who could harm them. Because of this, you need to get them out as soon as possible. 

That’s where we come in. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with excellent bonds that will have your loved ones free in no time!

Where We Work

We do the best bail bonds Norwalk provides! 

In fact, we situated ourselves right next to the municipal court, making it easy for us to process bonds quickly and have your loved one out as fast as possible. This was intentional on our part. We want to make sure we’re in the best space to fight for the freedom of our clients!

Even though we’re working out of CT Norwalk, we don’t just serve the Norwalk region. Instead, we have agents located all over Connecticut, ready and waiting to serve you. No matter where you are in Connecticut, we guarantee you will get the best bail bond services.

How We Help Our Customers

Bondsmen and bondswomen at Liza Davis Bail Bonds have served hundreds of clients throughout Connecticut, getting them the bonds they need to post their loved ones’ bail. This has made a profound difference in the lives of many, reuniting them with their relatives and saving them the pain of having to worry for their safety.

But how does our bond process work? 

Give Us a Call

Getting the call that your loved one has been imprisoned often comprises a stressful experience. You likely have a lot of things going through your head, and you’re wondering how to best help the imprisoned person.

After the person is arrested and booked, the court will set a bail amount.

That’s when you should give us a call. In fact, once you learn someone is behind bars, you have no time to waste. The sooner you call us and start the bail bond process, the sooner they can go free.

We Meet with You

After you call us, we’ll meet with you to go over the bail bond paperwork, no matter where you are in Connecticut.

Every bond agreement requires a co-signer and a bail bond professional. If you’re the co-signer on the paperwork, you’ll be responsible for the person after they leave jail. This means you’ll need to make sure that they meet all of their court appearances. If they do so, you’ll get the bail money back.

If they don’t, the court will take the money as a penalty.

After the paperwork is finished, we’ll post the bond, and your loved one will go free.

Ready to Get a Bond?

If you need a bond now, don’t hesitate! Contact us today!

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