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We've been reuniting families with their loved ones for over 15 years with our professional Connecticut bail bond services. Our CT bail bonds include:

Liza Davis Bail Bonds Services All Types Of Bail Bonds Including:

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We Have Norwich CT Bail Bond Agents Near Norwich Police Department & Norwich Superior Court

Norwich Jail and Court Information

Norwich Police Department

70 Thames Street, Norwich, CT 06360 Phone: 860-886-5561

Norwich - G.A. 21

1 Courthouse Square, Norwich, CT 06360 Chief Clerk's Office: 860-889-7338

The Steps to Bail Someone Out In Norwich Connecticut

Follow these steps below to be released from jail on a Bail Bond. It’s a simple process:

1). Contact Bail Bonds Norwich CT Company

Once the judge sets bail, have someone call a bail bonds company in the area. They’ll talk to you about the bail bond process, how long it takes, and get whatever information they need. It’s important not to lie or be cagey with the bail bond representative. Answering the questions may be embarrassing for you, but the more information they have the better chance they have of getting the person out of jail fast.

2). Meet with Your Norwich, CT Bail Bonds Agent

After first talking to the agent by phone, you’ll set up an appointment to come in and meet the person handling the bail bond. They’ll go over everything including payment methods and if any collateral is needed. If collateral is required, the bail bond will not be processed until the collateral is collected. The necessity of collateral depends on how high the bond is and other factors.

3). Processing the Bond and Release

The bail bond company contacts and processes the bail bond with the local court or correctional system. They know who to talk to and where to go, so the bond gets processed fast and you are released from jail. Once released, you are free to do whatever you want, but you must appear at your next court date. Failure to appear can have serious consequences.

4). Completing Your Court Dates

Next, we will complete the required paperwork with you at the Jail and the payment can be made for the bail bond. The bond out When you are given the bail amount, the courts provide you with the next court date. The bond given to release you from jail is dependent on you not only going to the first court date, but all court dates thereafter. If you do not go to the court date, then a representative for the bail bond company will find the person and deliver them back to jail. If there are any issues, we are 24/7 bail bondmen in Norwich, CT.

5). After the Court Proceedings

Once you finished the court proceedings, regardless if you were found guilty or innocent, the bond is exonerated. The bond isn’t based on guilty or innocent, but is a way to make sure you show up for the court dates. If there are any further fees or payments that need to be made, then you can work them out with the bond company.

Bail Bonds Are the Way to Go

If you want to avoid a costly and lengthy bail processing time, then you need Bail Bonds Norwich, CT residents use. Court proceedings are difficult, so leave the bail to the bail bonds company. You can focus on winning your case.

If you want to know more information about the bail bonds process, then please contact us today.

About Liza Davis Bail Bonds - Norwich, CT Bail Bonds

Our professional bail agents help you and your loved ones in Norwich, CT, when you need it most.

Fast and Professional Bail Services

At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we know that getting bail for a loved one can be a highly stressful process. That’s why we have made it our mission to create a bail bonds service that is as smooth and efficient as possible. With accessible bail bonds 24/7, you can leave that to us and focus on supporting your friends and loved ones as they need it.

Our professional bail bondsman team in Norwich, CT, has years of experience providing bail funds to our clients. They know the ins and outs of the process in the local area, so you can have full peace of mind. If you ever have any questions, they are available to you for advice on bail bonds 24/7. Our bail bonds team in Norwich, CT, is also ready to travel to you, wherever you are in Connecticut, to get everything finalized as quickly as possible. Don’t waste time away from your friend or family members when they need you the most; let us come to you and give you full peace of mind.

When you’ve just got the news that someone you love has been arrested, you don’t want to be dealing with endless paperwork. We’ve made our application process simple and straightforward to remove as many obstacles as possible from getting your loved one out of jail. To bring them home as soon as possible, get in touch with a bondsman from our team and start to secure your bail bonds in Norwich, CT. We are ready today to provide our professional and expert service to you in any way we can.

How We Work

Our team of expert bondsmen is located near Norwich Police Department And Norwich Superior Court, ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. We have dedicated our business to providing bail bonds to the Norwich, CT community, so we have ensured our offices are close to these key areas. Our number one priority is always our clients’ convenience.

Once you get in touch with a team member, you will be greeted by an expert bondsman from Norwich, CT, not an automated system. We know that is a stressful time of year, so we make sure that you receive a personal touch from Liza Davis Bail Bonds. At the end of the day, we put people first.

While speaking to your dedicated bondsman, we will gather all the information we need about your loved one’s case at that time. We pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism and courtesy; you can expect nothing but compassion and efficient service when speaking with us.

After we have established the situation, we will drive out to where you are anywhere in Connecticut to finalize the process. We do this to make the process run as fast and as smoothly as possible. The only thing on your mind and ours is getting your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

Once the court has set the bail amount, we can arrange the bail bonds for you and have the paperwork organized quickly. You just need a cosigner to end the process with your professional Connecticut bail bondsman.

Who We Are

Being arrested does not mean guilt, and we treat every one of our clients with the same level of respect and courtesy. We will never judge you or your loved ones and will do our very best to make sure you can all be reunited quickly.

No one wants to spend any more time in jail than they need to; you never know who your loved one’s cellmate might be, so it’s an important matter of safety to get their bail bonds as quickly as possible. We are proud to support the local community with bail bonds 24/7, and our bondsmen work tirelessly throughout Norwich, CT, to bring our dedicated service to as many people as possible.

With experience providing bail bonds for any number of charges, from drug crimes to parole violations, we know how the system in Norwich, CT works and can offer our professional advice and support throughout every step of the process.

Here For Our Community

24/7 Service

Arrests can happen anytime; that’s why we make sure we’re working 24/7, so we never miss a thing.

State-Wide Support

We are proud to support families and friends all over Connecticut, with bondsman ready to assist you across the state.

Compassionate Bail Bondsman

You won’t find more professional and courteous bail bondsmen anywhere else in the state. Receive a personal touch with Liza Davis Bail Bonds.

Easy Payment Plans

To make the bail bonds process as easy as possible for our clients, we accept cash, credit or debit cards, bank checks, Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Western Union. Flexibility and accessibility is a key goal of our business.

Contact Information

Our 24/7 service is here for you as and when you need us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch using the information below.

Phone: 860 347-BAIL (2245)


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We have locations in every city in Connecticut, so we can best help our clients quickly and efficiently.

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