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The Steps to Bail Someone Out In Tolland Connecticut

A recent report has shown that around 70% of people in jail have yet to get convicted of a crime. Although these people are innocent, they cannot get out of jail without proper bail funds. Finding Tolland, CT bail bonds does not have to be confusing when you get help from the right professionals.

Read on to learn about the five steps to bail bonds in Tolland, CT.

Number 01

Find a 24/7 Bail Bondsman in Tolland, CT

The first step to bail bonds is finding a 24/7 bail bondsman in Tolland, CT. Although not required, it is recommended to find a bail bonds service that is always open. These places tend to have better customer service because they are available at any hour. The right person will make you feel comfortable during the process and be able to answer all of your questions. Some questions you should consider asking a bail bondsman include: What are bail bonds? How to get bail bonds? What does a bail bondsman do? How do bail bonds work?

Number 02

Assignment of Bail

After understanding the answer to what is a bail bond and getting your other questions answered, you can begin completing the application. This can get done in-office or over the phone. The most common information you should prepare to provide are: Defendant name Incarceration location Bail amount Pending charge Defendant relationship Defendant's address Family details about the defendant Defendant's occupation Contact information

Number 03

Figure Out Payment

Bail bonds in Tolland, CT can get provided through a payment plan depending on the case. However, you can pay in full. Tolland, CT bail bonds may require a down payment if a payment plan gets decided on.  Getting a bail bond is necessary when the bond gets determined by the police department. If the initial bond goes unpaid, a judge will set a final bail. This amount must get paid without excuses.

Number 04

Documents Get Signed

A 24/7 bail bondsman in Tolland, CT takes the bail and agrees to take responsibility. This means the defendant must appear in court and work on any payments that were agreed upon. Once the Tolland area receives the bail bond, the paperwork can get processed. Getting the paperwork finished doesn't take too long, usually less than an hour. Signed paperwork is considered complete. This means the defendant can get release papers and return home.

Number 05


The defendant must appear in court on time after their release from jail. The process can run smoothly if the defendant is on time. Being late can result in going back to jail. This is the last step in the process. A defendant who hired a 24/7 bail bondsman in Tolland, CT has a responsibility to that agent to arrive at their court date on time.

Get Bail Bonds in Tolland, CT Now

The bail bonds process can be tough to understand and scary to go through if you don’t know what to expect. Hiring a 24/7 bail bondsman in Tolland, CT can help everything run smoothly. Understanding how to get bail bonds will help you or a loved one who may end up in a bad situation.

To get bail bonds in Tolland, CT, contact us today for a free consultation.

About Liza Davis Bail Bonds - Tolland, CT Bail Bonds

About Liza Davis Bail Bonds 

We have expert bail agents in Tolland, CT that can get you out of jail in no time at all. Partner with the team at Liza Davis Bail Bonds and know that you’re being fully taken care of throughout the entire release process.

The Liza Davis Bail Bonds Mission

Liza Davis Bail Bonds is a Connecticut based company. Our Connecticut bondsmen take great pride in providing the best service possible in the state. Since our offices are so close to the municipal center, we can start the process of getting your loved one out of jail quickly.

When a loved one is in jail, we understand that getting them released is your number one priority — as is ours. Our professional bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions that you may have about the Connecticut bail bonding process.

We care deeply about what we do and about ensuring that you or your loved one is given the fast release that they deserve. When you call us, we will provide you with top-quality personal service from a professional bail bondsman, not an automated answering service. 

Working with the Liza Davis team means getting support from a group whose passion is serving you and ensuring that your release is a fast and fair one. Trust in us and in our mission to help those who have found themselves in a sticky situation.

Get in touch with us today.

The History of Our Tolland, CT Team

We founded Liza Davis Bail Bonds because we understand how scary it is when someone is arrested. We wanted to be there to partner with people who found themselves in an unfortunate situation and didn’t have the support they needed to be released.  

We made it our mission to help people right from the first phone call they get to make, throughout the arrest, and during the bail process. We know how it feels to receive a sudden call from a friend or family member who has just been arrested and is in need of bail assistance.

It is important you secure their bail as fast as possible. You don’t know who else is locked up with them and their safety is a primary concern! This is why you should contact us immediately in such a situation. We know that an arrest is simply a charge and does not imply guilt. We work off of the principle that all our clients are innocent until proven guilty.

Today, we help clients anywhere in Connecticut. We either meet you anywhere in the state to fill out bail bond paperwork or our agents can come to you, no matter what time of day or night. We’ll respond immediately to get your friend or loved one released.

Our Community

Comprehensive Bail Bonds

We offer every kind of bail bond that you imagine. No matter what the reason behind the arrest is, we’ll make sure to get a payment secured for you so that you can get started taking control of your life again or helping your loved one out of a tight spot. 

A Caring & Communicative Team

We care deeply about the people that we work with. When you partner with Liza Davis Bail Bonds, you know that you’re being supported by a bail bond agent that cares about getting you out of prison and back into society safely. 

Hundreds of Bails Given Out

We’ve helped countless clients get their bail so that they can be released from jail and start figuring out the next steps. Our agents go above and beyond to provide clients with the bail they need, no matter what their unique situation looks like. 

Statewide Bail Bonds

We don’t limit ourselves to just the Tolland area. Our team is available to assist you in any part of Connecticut, and we’re happy to be able to do it. 

Bail Written in All Counties

We write multiple bail bonds throughout all counties in Connecticut. That means that regardless of the jurisdiction you or your loved one were arrested under, we can help you get out of jail so you can be on your way home again.

We Cover Every Kind of Bail Bonds Imaginable

There are so many different kinds of bail bonds out there, and our team leaves nothing off the table. We provide you with all kinds of services, including assault bail bonds, computer crime bail bonds, domestic violence bail bonds, drug crimes bail bonds, and a lot more.

No matter what the charges are that you’re facing, our bondsmen are professional and discreet ensuring a quiet process of getting your loved one out of jail. We have professional, courteous staff ready to assist you with the bail bond information you need so you can quickly post bail.

When you’re looking for help with bail bonds in Tolland, CT, you know you can count on the team at Liza Davis Bail Bonds. If you’re ever in need of a 24/7 bail bondsman in Tolland, CT that can get you out of a hairy situation at any time of the day or night, we’ve got you covered.

Our Locations

TROOP C – Tolland CT

1320 Tolland Stage
Tolland, CT 06084

(800) 318-7633
(860) 896-3200

Rockville – G.A. 19

20 Park Street,
Rockville, CT 06066

(860) 870-3200

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Do you need bail? Our team is available around the clock. We’re proud to offer our helpful services throughout Connecticut. When you reach out to a Tolland, CT bail bond agent, we’ll be sure to answer all your questions and give you the assurance you need.

Call us at (860) 347-2245 on our 24/7 line and we’ll make sure that you and your loved one are safe and sound no matter what. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get you taken care of right away.


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