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The Steps to Bail Someone Out In Westbrook Connecticut

When you find yourself on the wrong side of the law and you need to get out of jail quickly, a bail bonds company like Liza Davis Bail Bonds in Westbrook, CT can help. It’s important to understand the process one must go through in order to bond out of jail. These five steps will save you time and money in the long run and will get you home quickly.

Number 01

Bond to be set

The Westbrook Police Department will determine the bond on location. If you can’t pay this, the judge will set a final bail. If you can’t pay the final bail, you will have to remain in jail until a court appearance is scheduled. After the arrest in Hamden, CT, is made, it is important to call a bail bondsman. Many bail bondsman in Westbrook exist, but Liza Davis Bail Bonds is always ready for your call. After asking for some initial personal information such as your full name and date of birth, they will take the time to walk you through every step of the procedure so you understand what is happening. They will also ask the reason for arrest, any related charges, and where the jail is located. Inmate numbers are requested for those in a correctional facility.

Number 02

Meet Your Bail Bondsman

Once you are arrested and make that initial contact with a Westbrook, CT bail bondsman, you will be able to meet one in person. Liza Davis Bail Bonds will have a representative to meet you at any time. They offer a one on one consultation, just to make sure you understand the entire process. You will be asked if you have any questions or concerns, and now is the time to ask them and let them know. Potential payment methods will be discussed, as will the court system and local laws. Any other pertinent information will be relayed to you, and the bail bondsman may collect collateral at this time. Collateral can include cars, homes, or even jewelry.

Number 03

Release from jail

Liza Davis Bail Bonds goes to work immediately to get you released. The Westbrook agents will visit the jail in person and will fill out the required paperwork. The process is quick, 30 to 40 minutes, if all the information given is accurate. Once this is complete, you’ll be given release paperwork and are free to go home.

Number 04

Going to Court

Once you are released from jail, you will be given a court date you will have to attend. You will be informed of this date, and you have to show up for it at exactly the time stated. If you fail to do this, you will be returned to jail, and a Westbrook bail agent will be sent to locate you.

Number 05


Once you go to court, exoneration of the issues bond will occur. This happens regardless of the final verdict in the case. Liza Davis Bail Bonds, a Connecticut-based company, takes a great deal of pride in providing wonderful service to its customers. Professional agents are available 24/7 and work quickly to get you or loved one released. For more information, call 860-347-2245.

Receive a Bail Bond Today

The bail bond system is common because in our government, you are innocent until proven guilty. We are a leading provider of Connecticut bail bonds, and nobody can match our 24/7 bail bondsman in Westbrook, CT.

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About Liza Davis Bail Bonds - Westbrook, CT Bail Bonds

About Liza Davis Bail Bonds

Get your loved one home with Liza Davis Bail Bonds

Liza Davis Provides the Best Bail Bonds in Westbook 

Based in Westbrook, CT, Liza Davis works hard to get you reunited with your loved one. Court systems and police departments set the amount of bail required for the defendant’s release. We can provide a bail bond to cover that fee. 

A bail bond is a financial guarantee that a criminal defendant will appear in court. It can be made by a criminal defendant or by someone else, for them. The payment goes straight to the courts.

Posting bail helps to guarantee that a defendant will show up in court at a later date. When a bail bond is posted, they are allowed to leave prison. But, if the defendant doesn’t show up in court, the bond is forfeited. Most of our client’s bonds are repaid because their loved ones show up in court. All they have to pay are the bond premiums. 

Unlike Other Bail Bond Businesses, We Really Care

Here at Lisa Davis Bail Bonds, we live and breathe Connecticut. We are out there 24/7 getting people’s loved ones out of prison, so they can be reunited with partners, friends, and family.  

We make money by charging a bond premium which is a small percentage of the bond amount.

We’re There Every Step of the Way

Some other companies make things sound so complicated. We are professional. We are skilled. But, we’re also good at making things easy to understand. We give you a step-by-step guide to the process. We are also very clear about costs and commitments, and we always answer the phone.

Stressful situations with calm, well-explained solutions

When you call us, we’ll ask for some information about the name of the person in custody, their birthday, their social security number, and their address. If you don’t have all the information, we can get it for you. That level of support is what makes us stand out.

Who is Liza Davis?

Liza Davis might seem a little mysterious but a quick look on our Instagram will reveal her to be a blonde with brains and bail bonds.

“As long as you’re sitting behind bars, you’re effectively isolated from putting an effective case together for your defense. But there is a way to get out of jail. So, this way you can start putting the pieces of your life back together. Even when you don’t have any money for bail. I can help. Liza Davis Bail Bonds, in Connecticut, can help.” – Liza Davis.

Ready to get your loved one home? Call us anytime at (860)-818-7078, and we will help you get it done. 


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