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If you or someone you love gets arrested in Connecticut, then you may find yourself quickly facing a steep fee to get out of jail. The fee is known as bail, and it’s used by the government to help people avoid spending time in jail before they are convicted of a crime. 
An arrested party’s bail gets determined by CCSD Bail Staff, police, or the judge, who use weighted release criteria to decide how high to set your bail. This bail system provides a financial incentive for parties facing charges to stay out of trouble and make all their court dates.
The total is often thousands of dollars, and that’s where bail bonds in Bridgeport, CT come in.
How do bail bonds work? Read this guide to learn more.

Bail Bonds vs. Bail: What’s the Difference?

Bail is the amount set by the court or CCSD Bail Staff that grants an arrested person release from jail before their trial. You can post bail in cash if you have it. However, most people don’t have that kind of money lying around with a day’s notice.
That’s where bail bonds come in. Bail bonds are bail monies paid by Bridgeport bail bondsmen.
To get a bond, someone needs to go to a Bridgeport CT agent and request one on the arrested party’s behalf.
The big difference is that if you post bail directly to the court and the bailee fulfill the state’s conditions, whoever paid the bail gets the money back in full minus any court fees. If you borrow the money from a bond company, then you’ll pay a non-refundable fee.

How Much Are Bail Bonds in Bridgeport CT?

The state of Connecticut regulates bail bonds and bond agents. These laws includes a maximum set fee that a bail bond agent can ask for. In Connecticut, you may pay up to 10% of the total bond as a non-refundable bond fee when you need bail up to $5,000. Assuming that your bail is over $5,000, the fee is capped at 7% of the total bond.
So if your bail is set at $1,000, then the bail bond agent can ask you for a maximum fee of $100.

 What Happens if My Bail is Revoked?

In case you post bail – either yourself or through a bail bond agent – then the arrested party also needs to meet the bail conditions. If they don’t, then they will not only be re-arrested, but you’ll lose the bail money you paid.
Things become more complicated if you use a bail bond agent. Because the agents post bail on your behalf, they are entitled to ask you to pay the rest of the money they lost to the court.
As a result, you’re still on the hook for the total bail amount if the bail gets revoked – no matter how you paid.

What to Do If Someone You Love Gets Arrested

When someone gets arrested in Connecticut, things move very quickly. They’ll know whether they can receive bail (and any conditions) within 48 hours after being booked. To keep them out of jail after those 48 hours, you’ll need to post bail.
Because few people have thousands of dollars available to give to the court at the last minute, many people rely on bail bonds in Bridgeport, CT.
As licensed bail bonds serving Bridgeport, we understand how stressful it can be to receive that kind of phone call from a loved one. That’s why we work 24/7 to help people bail their loved ones out of jail – sometimes in as little as 10 minutes.
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