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Drug Crimes Bail Bonds

What Are Drug Crimes?

If someone you know has been arrested on drug charges in Connecticut, Our bail bond agents can be helpful to you. Call Liza Davis Bail Bonds now at 860.818.7078.
Liza’s Ct Bail Bond agents have successfully bailed out many clients on a variety of drug charges from jails, courts and police departments throughout the entire state of Connecticut.
If you or someone you love has been charged with possession with intent or simple possession and you’re in need of a bail bond specialist, contact one of our bail bond agents 24 hours a day 7 days a week for help.

Drug related arrests have increased a lot in Connecticut over the years and have a potential for abuse.

Drug Possession Or Drug Possession With Intent To Sell

Charges are criminal charges, either for the sale or attempted sale of any type of illegal controlled substance. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or meth are a few examples that may be felony drug charges. CT state laws refer to drug dealing as “possession with the intent to distribute.”

Drug Dealing

Charges are more limited than charges for drug trafficking, which includes any part in the making of, transporting of drugs, and selling of drugs.
Each state has guidelines for how they prosecute drug crimes in the criminal justice system and may implement mandatory minimum sentencing.

When an individual is arrested and jailed on drug charges, they will be taken to the local police jail, or booking station.
While there, they will be photographed, fingerprinted, and booked into the Connecticut or national computer system.

At this point you may reach out to your local law firm or one of our Connecticut Bail Bondsman.

The individual may also be transported to a larger jail facility if bail isn’t made, which can take a much longer time to process.
If you contact the jail too soon upon the arrest of your family member or friend, you may discover they have not been entered into the jail’s computer system yet.
This is a normal process as the pre-booking period takes a while to complete at a jail. Our bail bond agents will help walk you through the process during this time.

Drug charges are classified by their seriousness, schedule II drugs and schedule III drugs.

Some drug charges can involve misdemeanors, such as the possession of small amounts of marijuana or possession of a controlled substance and you may be able to avoid a drug conviction by utilizing a drug program.

Marijuana Laws

throughout the United states vary, Many states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. This presents an obvious conflict between state law and federal law because while marijuana might be legal in your home state, it’s still illegal under federal law.

You might still be charged with a drug offense including drug dealing charges, depending on the amount of marijuana you’re in possession of.

Drug Charges Involving Firearms

are the most serious of charges.

Drug dealing while in the possession of a gun

Can also trigger state or federal mandatory minimum laws.
This is a very serious offense and is usually classified as a felony.

Most Prescription Drug-related Crimes Are Felonies As Well.

That includes things like altering a prescription label, moving pills from one bottle to another, or using a false pain pill prescription at a local pharmacy.

Felony charges can include:

Possession with intent to distribute (trafficking), the sale of anabolic steroids, possession of drug paraphernalia, intent to sell narcotics, possession of narcotics within 1500 feet of a school zone or housing project, cultivating (growing) marijuana, operating a methamphetamine lab or drug making facility.
The penalties for drug dealing in Ct are decided by the of drug sold, the amount of the drug that was sold, and the number of prior offenses of the defendant, if any.
In certain cases, even if a person didn’t intend to sell drugs, they will be presumed to be selling if they have over a certain amount of the drug in their possession.
Drug crime punishments are based on the quantity of the drug possessed, the geographic location for distribution, if intended to sell to minors, and the purpose of possession.
The greater the quantity the higher the charge. This could take you from a misdemeanor to a felony which could leave you with more than jail time.

If you have been arrested for a Drug Crime in Connecticut contact one of our local bail bondsman today.
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