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DUI Bail Bonds

 DUI Charges

So you went out with friends and had loads of fun. The fun turned south though when you ended up in jail for driving under the influence. 
No quicker way to ruin a good night of fun than to see the flashing lights behind you. And you knowing you are about to be pulled over after several cocktails. 
You know this is about to cost a whole bunch of money. First, you need to get out of jail. What does it cost for the bond? How can you get DUI bail bonds?
Read on to learn all about bail bonds connected to a DUI arrest. 

What is Bail?

After your arrest, you will be taken to jail. There you will be issued a summons that tells you when you must appear in court over the charges from your arrest. 
Then the court will decide if they are going to let you out of jail and what the cost of your bail will be. Bail, sometimes called bond, is the money you pay to the court in exchange for them releasing you from jail.
Arrested citizens are often asked to pay bail. This ensures they show up for future court dates. If they don’t show, then they lose their bail money. 

DUI Bail Bonds, Will I Need It?

There are several scenarios that could happen once you are arrested and are ready to post bail. These include:

  • The easiest scenario is that you are released on your own recognizance. This means you don’t need bail money. That the court has a level of trust you will show up for future court dates. 
  • You appear before a magistrate who will decide on bail. A magistrate can then decide to set a bail that you can then post. Or refuse bail because of either your criminal history or risk you won’t show up in court in the future. 

A chance of no bail is better if this is a first offense. Your bail amount is likely to increase if you have a criminal history or other DUI charges on your record. 

Bail Costs and How To Pay

The amount of your bail is directly connected to your background. If you have been in trouble before, higher the amount. A DUI arrest bail can range from $500 to $10,000. Most DUI charges are misdemeanors. The charges can become felony charges if they are far from a first offense. 

A person can either pay the bail yourself,  use cash (if you have it) or a credit card.

You can use the property to guarantee the bail if it is higher. 

Most courts have bail bonds available to help you make your bond. These are businesses that set up the bail through guarantees on a property that the bail money is returned once you appear in court. 
Bail bonds businesses make money by guaranteeing the money to the court. This gets you out of jail. In return, you pay the bondsman a percentage of the bail as a fee. 

Bail and DUI

Landing in jail is not good. Not being able to post bail to get out is even worse. Sometimes paying the bond yourself isn’t doable. 
That’s where we can help. If you need DUI bail bonds to get out, contact us today. We are available 24/7 to help get your bail written and you out of jail.



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