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Juvenile Bail Bonds

Juvenile Bail bonds: How Do They Work?

A juvenile arrest and bail process differs from what happens if you face arrest as an adult. If you know someone with a child or friend that’s facing charges and jail, it’s critical to understand the process when trying to bail them out of jail before trial.
We hope you never face a situation where you need to bail an underage person out of jail, but there’s no reason for your child or legal dependent to stay in jail longer than necessary. Here’s how to use Juvenile Bailbonds: How Do They Work? to help a juvenile get out of jail while awaiting trial.

What is a Juvenile?

In Connecticut, the courts consider anyone arrested under the age of eighteen years old as a “juvenile” offender. Juvenile charges and cases work differently than charges against adults. Juvenile Bailbonds: How Do They Work?

 The courts allow special protections for minors, with the rationale that children don’t yet have a full understanding of the law. 

If your child faces charges for a crime, they will:
  • Face a trial in juvenile court rather than an adult court
  • Face a judge rather than a jury
  • See their court records sealed
  • Potentially see their record expunged after turning eighteen years old
The punishments for juvenile offenders are often less harsh than punishments for adults. Juvenile courts focus more on reintegration and rehabilitation for young offenders, rather than handing out severe penalties. 
If your child or dependent faces a first-time arrest, you could find leniency with the court. However, your juvenile offender can remain in jail until their trial without the help of a bond agent. 

How Does Juvenile Bail Work?

Bail is the exchange of money or property for release from jail before trial. While out on bail, juveniles must follow the conditions of bail set by the judge. However, bail works differently for children under eighteen. 
  • A juvenile cannot post bail on their behalf
  • A person must be over the age of 18 to post bail for a juvenile
  • Only a parent or legal guardian can bail a juvenile out of jail
Without a parent or legal guardian, a minor remains in jail until their court date. 
Make sure you work with a bail bondsman who understands how the juvenile court system works in Connecticut. Once the court releases your child to you on bail, you’ll be responsible for helping your child follow the conditions of their bail release and show up for court. 

Choose a Juvenile-Friendly Bailbonds Agent

Not every bail agent is willing to work with juveniles and their families. Without supervision, minors can fail to meet the requirements of their bail or choose not to show up for court. Bailbonds agents who work with juveniles understand the court system and how to work with families to ensure a successful bail and court process.
Liza Davis Bail Bonds understands how important kids are to families. The jail system is a challenging place for children to grow into caring, responsible adults. Don’t let your child stay in jail longer than they need to be there. Contact us for help with juvenile bail bonds. 
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