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Marijuana Bail Bonds

When Charged With Possession

Marijuana laws vary from state to state. In Connecticut, marijuana use has is now decriminalized, but there are still laws about what’s legal and what isn’t regarding the use or sale of marijuana.
Federally, the possession of or intent to sell marijuana is a crime. If you or someone you know is in Connecticut with a marijuana drug charge, you need to understand how marijuana bail bonds work. Keep reading to learn how bail can help you get out of jail. 

What’s the Law?

What does it mean to “decriminalize” marijuana laws? You can still face civil penalties and fines for the possession and personal use of small amounts of marijuana, but you won’t face significant jail time. If you have less than half an ounce of marijuana, you’ll receive a citation and pay a fine—similar to dealing with a traffic ticket.

More Than an Ounce

Jail time comes into play if you receive a marijuana possession charge that weighs more than one ounce. You could face up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. At this stage, you need a bail bond agent to help you out of jail. 

Selling or Growing Marijuana

Growing with the intent to sell and distributing marijuana are different stories. When you get caught selling marijuana, you face time in prison with a felony offense and a fine of at least $25,000. While you await your trial, don’t spend it in jail. A marijuana bail bond can help.

What Do I Do?

As soon as the arrest happens, officers deliver you to jail. At the jail, you go through processing for identification, fingerprints, and booking. At some point during this process, request a phone call. You can call a bondsman directly. If you call your lawyer or a family member, ask them to call a bondsman for you. 
Be sure your bondsman knows how to handle marijuana bail bonds. Ideally, your bondsman is present when you go before the judge, where you’ll receive your bail amount and requirements. After you see the judge and they grant bail, your bondsman posts bail for you. 

Bond Isn’t “Get Out of Jail Free”

After you post bail, you are free from jail. However, remember that bail isn’t “free.”

  • Bonds are typically 10% of your total bail amount
  • Your bondsman pays your bail to the court under specific conditions
  • Freedom on bond doesn’t erase your marijuana drug charge
  • You must follow the terms of the court
  • Failure to comply can revoke your bail and your freedom

Bonds come with a fee for services. In most cases, your bondsman handles the payments with the court. However, you or your family are responsible for paying the nonrefundable bondsman’s fees. 

Let Us Help With Marijuana Bail Bonds

Don’t get stuck in jail while you await trial. Let us help you get out of jail with marijuana bail bonds. 
Liza Davis Bail Bonds has the right experience with the Connecticut courts and the bond system. If you or someone you know faces a marijuana drug charge, contact us to handle the bond. 

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