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Parole Violation Bail Bonds

Parole Violation Crimes

Violating your parole can send you back to jail. If you were recently released, you don’t want to end up back in jail as soon as you hit the streets. However, when you’re on probation, you have obligations to fulfill to maintain your freedom from jail. 
In 2017, a study found more than 62,000 people in jails as a result of a minor or technical parole violation. You shouldn’t stay in prison while your lawyer and the courts decide to let you back out to continue your probation or revoke your parole. A bail bond agent can help you get back to your life outside of prison. 
Keep reading to learn how to pursue parole violation bail bonds.

What is Parole?

When you earn parole, you’ve proven to the court that you deserve early release from your prison sentence. During sentencing, the court awards a jail term with or without the eligibility of parole. Being eligible for parole doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive parole at any point during your term. 
If you’re eligible for parole, you serve a minimum amount of your prison term before you can be eligible. A review board analyzes your sentence, your behavior, and your current situation to determine if you have earned the opportunity for parole. Once you leave the prison on probation, you have a list of conditions that allow you to stay out on parole until the end of your term. 

What is a Parole Violation?

Parole is part of your sentence. When you earn parole, you’ve achieved the privilege of continuing to serve your sentence outside of a prison cell. However, parole only lasts as long as you go by the rules. When you break the rules, you violate your parole. 
Common parole conditions include:
  • Not breaking the law (again)
  • A schedule for reporting to a supervising (or parole) officer
  • No access to guns or other weapons
  • Living within a designated area and
  • Not leaving your designated area without permission
  • Finding and staying employed
  • Agreeing to law enforcement searches of your residence
Violating these and other conditions of your parole sends you back to jail. Depending on the severity of your violation, the court then decides the next steps for you regarding your original sentence.
For minor violations with a previously clean record, you have a good chance for release back to parole. However, if you’re a frequent violator with a severe parole violation, the court can send you back to prison to finish your sentence. You can also face additional time added to your sentence, or additional charges for breaking the law. 

Parole Violation Bail Bonds Help You Stay Out of Jail!

It can be challenging to stay out of jail on parole. Even with an unintentional violation, your parole officer can put out an arrest warrant and send you back to jail while the courts decide what to do. Let Liza Davis Bail Bonds help you maintain your freedom from prison while you await a decision on parole. 
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