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White Collar Crime Bail Bonds:

What to Do When Charged With a White Collar Crime

Arrested for a white collar crime? While white-collar crime seems victimless on the surface, US companies lose 6% of their total annual revenue to white-collar crime, most of it committed by their own employees. 
Poor decisions in the workplace or even a misunderstanding can land anyone from government officials to business professionals to company owners in prison and labeled a white collar criminal. White Collar Crime Bail Bonds
Have you been arrested and charged with a white-collar crime? We can help! Keep reading to learn the next steps to take. 

What is White Collar Crime? 

White-collar crime is a non-violent crime that mainly involves committing an action for financial gain. This type of crime is committed to avoid losing money or for the purpose of gaining money. It involves deception, fraud, and violating trust. 
Some white-collar crime examples include the following: 

  • embezzlement
  • securities and commodities
  • fraud
  • money laundering
  • bank fraud
  • health care fraud
  • mortgage fraud 
  • election law violation
  • tax evasion
  • insurance fraud
  • cell phone fraud 

Depending on the charges, different laws will apply to each situation and punishments will vary. 

Steps to Take When Charged With a White Collar Crime 

When you commit fraud and end up on the wrong side of the law, there are steps to take to get and keep yourself out of jail. 

1. Hire a Good Attorney

Don’t try to handle the charges against you yourself. Hire a good attorney with experience to go over all the evidence the investigating agency has on you. 
Bank records, phone records, electronic mail, and other documents will need analyzing by professionals to build your defense. 
The first order of business will be to get you out of jail to prepare your defense. An attorney will advocate for your release on bail. 

2. Contact a Bail Agent

Your attorney convinced the judge to grant bail. Now it’s time to contact a bail agent.
Most likely, you don’t have the resources to finance your own bail. A bail agent will post a bond on your behalf and will secure your release from custody. 
You’ll need to check in with the bail bond company periodically since they are liable for the full amount of your bail should you skip out on your court appearance. 

3. Prepare Your Defense 

Now that you are out from behind bars, you can work with your defense attorney to prepare for trial or work out a plea deal.
Do not talk to investigators without your lawyer present. Never make a statement even if you think it may help your case unless your lawyer is there to represent you. 

Charged With a White Collar Crime? 

Now that you know what to do when charged with a white-collar crime, you’ll want to contact a reputable bail bond agent and an attorney. 
Contact us at Liza Davis Bail Bonds with your questions. We can help get you out of jail and on with your life. We’ll have you out as quickly as possible!  

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